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Search Results

  • Your search results represent the broadest set of records that match your search criteria. You may get entity registration records that are still in progress or have been submitted, but not yet activated. Check the status of each record.

  • Of note, some entities choose to opt out of public display. Even if they are registered in SAM, you will not see their entity registration records in a public search. You can only see them if you log in as Federal Government user.

  • You can refine your search results. If you used the Quick Search, select the search filters on this page. If you used one of the Advanced Search options, select the Edit Search button.

  • If you want to perform a new search, use the Clear button to remove your current search results. If you are logged in with your SAM User Account, you can save your search criteria to run again later using the Save Search button.

  • NOTE: Please read this important message when searching for exclusion records.

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