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  • Looking for entity registration records or entity exclusion records in SAM? Use Quick Search if you know an entity's Business Name, DUNS Number or CAGE Code. Use Advanced Search to structure your search using multiple categories and criteria.

  • Are you a Federal government employee? Create a SAM user account with your government e-mail address and log into SAM before searching to see FOUO information and registrants who chose to opt out of the public search.

  • Conducting small business-focused research? In addition to what is contained in SAM, small businesses can provide the Small Business Administration (SBA) supplemental information about themselves. Use the SBA's Dynamic Small Business Search to conduct further market research.

  • Trying to find a contractor participating in the Disaster Response Registry? Use the Disaster Response Registry Search to locate contractors willing to provide debris removal, distribution of supplies, reconstruction, and other disaster or emergency relief services in the event of a national disaster.

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