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Advanced Search - Exclusion

Structure your search for exclusion records in SAM using one of three approaches. Select a radio button corresponding to the category header that best describes how you want to search. The accordion will expand to show you the search criteria. You can only use one approach at a time.

Search Tips:

  • If you want to search using a date range, use the Single Search approach.
  • If you are trying to search for more than one excluded party at a time, you can search for up to six names using the Multiple Names approach.
  • If you choose the SSN/TIN approach, you must enter search criteria in both the Name and SSN/TIN fields.
  • If you choose the SSN/TIN approach, the name and SSN or TIN you enter must match exactly what is contained on an exclusion record for the result to be returned.
  • Search terms are defined in the SAM User Guide Glossary.

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